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Becoming a WANT business member is a great way to be a part of the community your business serves! Business members receive recognition in every WANT newsletter and on the WANT website. Business memberships are $40 and can be purchased via the form on the last page of the newsletter or online via PayPal.

Business members also receive a discount on advertisement in the newsletter, which is delivered four times a year (March, June, September and December) to every home between Clark and Ravenswood, and between Bryn Mawr and Foster. Newsletters are also delivered to businesses along Clark Street, with a total print-run of 2,500 on each printing. Discounts are available for full-year ad purchases.

Ad sizes and costs:

1/5 Column: 3.5×2 inches: $35
2/5 Column: 3.5×4 inches: $70
3/5 Column: 3.5×6 inches: $105
4/5 Column: 3.5×8 inches: $140
Full Column: 3.5×10 inches: $175

Ad due dates:

Spring: March 1
Summer: June 1
Fall: September 1
Winter: December 1

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Click here to join WANT online! Household membership is $20 annually - discounts available for seniors. See Membership page for more details!

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